You know your stuff as well as anyone, but it can be hard to get people to understand it as well or get as
excited as you.
Most people resort to data dumps of stats and graphs or elaborate with 100 words when 10 will do. Too often,
the main point is lost as eyes glaze over. Meetings bog down in debates over minutiae until the lead sums up
with “Any questions?” There never are.
Deep dives seem impressive, but what really moves people is the “A ha!” moment of suddenly grasping what
it all means and why it’s important. Call it analytical thinking or moved by the muse, you need to find the
essential story, then bring it to life in a graphic, memorable way that captures imaginations.
Numerous real world agency before & afters are used so you can see and feel the difference yourself, making
recommended techniques as relevant as possible.
Key Takeaways
 Identify most powerful message and steps to get there
 Simplify complex ideas and explain in an engaging way
 Make your points more sticky, relatable & motivating
Who Should Attend
All levels and disciplines responsible developing and delivering presentations, internal or external, especially
those with client responsibility.
Jeff Hiller Jeff Hiller founded Highbar Training and has coached 10,000+ senior leaders and managers at 50+
agencies and PR firms including Omnicom, IPG and Publicis groups. His high energy, interactive programs rely
on personal, real world experience as an ad exec, marketer & sales manager. Jeff was VP Account Director at
$1B ad agency Leo Burnett, earning 7 EFFIE Awards; Houston Rockets Marketing/Creative Director; VP
Marketing for Four Hands, a 3-time Inc 500 Fastest Growing company; L&D Director for JB Training Solutions.
Jeff also works with advertiser clients such as Marriott, Phillips 66 and speaks regularly at SHRM, PIHRA and
ATD events. Jeff graduated from Dartmouth and lives in Austin.