Please join this AMIN Webinar featuring Luke Hurd, Digital Immersion Director at Signal Theory as he delivers "Augmented Reality: Beyond the Filter"

Join us for an AMIN Webinar:  Augmented Reality: Beyond the Filter' with Digital Immersion Director, Luke Hurd, of Signal Theory

The future of the Internet won't happen in a browser window. The top 5 companies in the world are investing heavily in technologies that redefine what it means to interact with data - from retrieving it, categorizing it, and, most importantly, displaying it in a meaningful way - which is why Augmented Reality aims to change the interface as we know it.

Luke has presented a version of this lecture at several Facebook and Instagram events at Menlo Park, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, London, and more. The purpose, to educate agencies/firms/marketers/developers/designers that the future of the web is not "better websites", but an entirely new platform that doesn't exist in a two-dimensional browser window or phone screen. This has been given at Facebook's Developer Circles conferences, their official hackathons, etc.
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