Join AMIN & Roberta Cocco, Executive Coach & Trainer, for the 3rd in this 3-part Web series focused on Success in this Disrupted Hybrid World. (you will benefit even if you missed earlier sessions!)
If it feels like the worlds been tipped upside down and you got shook sideways, welcome to the new skin.  Remote work, virtual meetings and changing priorities have disrupted the norms. Organizations are faced with a disconnection in their departments and teams. Lead Trainer and Executive Coach, Roberta Cocco will share proven leadership tools and training you need to lead and succeed in this disrupted hybrid world.

Part 1: Fri Jan 14th (11a CST, 12p EST) Discover how your language could be the key to transforming your workplace, retaining & reigniting your teams. Walk away with powerful tools to reframe your messaging, communicate processes & inspire ownership that leads to increased productivity & purpose.
Part 2: Fri Jan 28th (11a CST, 12p EST) Action is addictive. Everyone loves to jump into strategy. STOP IT! Learn how to prioritize purpose over productivity in ways that build trust, momentum & unlock potential. Stabilize & connect to your top talent with a bulletproof way of being that prioritizes people & watch your teams thrive.
Part 3: Fri Feb 4th (11a CST, 12p EST) Unpack the 4 “F” Words every leaders needs to know. Learn how to create lasting change & develop deep habits. Improve your organizations health & reduce primary stressors that lead to high turnover rates, frequent disengagement, decline in productivity & a rise in various conflicts.
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BIO: Executive Performance Coach and Trainer, Roberta Cocco understands disruption,
transition and the effects of living in survival mode. She brings humor, experience and powerful
principles to unlock your potential and disrupt the bullsh#t stories that are getting in the way of your success. Her powerful questions and courageous feedback have helped many shift, repositioning their inner stance to take the ground and create the cultures necessary.──────────