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Crowley Webb

That full-service agency. But not in a cliché sort of way.

Hardworking work from hardworking people. That’s been the Crowley Webb way since our humble beginnings back in 1986. Our founders, Joe Crowley and John Webb, used a phone booth in downtown Buffalo as their first office. But an industrious spirit, along with a dedication to both the client and the work, forged our way to becoming (in our opinion) Upstate New York’s premier agency for branding, strategic planning, marketing, media, and digital services.

Our Work

A renowned endeavor.

Although the institution was more than 100 years old and possessed an impressive portfolio of loyal clients, Wilmington Trust came to us seeking a refresh of their brand. This typically quiet wealth management firm was interested in making a little noise – however, without alienating those people they currently serve.

Putting ESAB's strength on display.

ESAB, a world leader in welding and cutting equipment, wanted to make a big impact at the world’s leading industry trade show in Essen, Germany – Schweissen & Schneiden. Knowing they’d have a sophisticated, global audience at their fingertips, ESAB wanted to tell their story in a fresh, thought-provoking way.

One inspiring campaign.

MCC – a large community college in Rochester, NY – wanted to refresh their brand. While awareness of MCC was high, perceptions of the school, especially in regard to academic quality, were not accurate. With the stigma of being the “13th grade” and a place for those students with little direction or drive, community college as a category can be a tough sell. But MCC is impressive. They have impressive programs and even more impressive graduates. The challenge was simply finding a way to tell people just that.

A real important campaign.

Bank advertising is often focused around products and services, and understandably so, as that is much of what they offer customers. But for M&T Bank, there’s more to their story. The main objective here was to create a strong association that makes it clear to customers, prospects, and all other audiences what M&T Bank stands for, not just what they offer – essentially bringing M&T’s tagline “Understanding what’s important” to life.


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