Swiss Delice Rösti


Bringing local consumers a range of quintessential Swiss brands and products, including Rösti from Swiss Delice.


Establish the Rösti brand, increase reach, and boost both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) audiences.


From target strategy, consultation, and brand development to online and offline marketing activities and B2B sales channel support, our content and brand story delivers Rösti to customers’ dining tables, bento boxes, and picnic baskets all over Japan.


The Rösti mascot comes to life

To engage Japanese customers, we designed the character Rösti-kun. This playful spud keeps busy online and offline, reminding customers why they love the product: it’s a hearty, delicious, and healthy meal.

Rösti-kun welcomes visitors through prominent placement on the Rösti website and also makes appearances in social media. In recipe videos, magazine advertisement, in-store events, sales presentations, and at trade shows, he plays an integral part in promoting the product.


Bringing Swiss Delice to Japan

Since beginning their partnership with Custom Media, Rösti has seen a boost in brand awareness and sales success among B2B and B2C audiences that is helping M-Industry pave the way for other Swiss Delice products.

Recipe video.