Genie Energy Japan Branding


Helping enter the Japanese market—a process that included everything from establishing an ideal brand name and trademarking it in Japan


We developed a series of digital and print assets for Genie Energy, from logo creation, taglines, brand character, vision, and values.


We began by analyzing Genie Energy’s key value statements—that they were trustworthy, credible, and offered good prices—and considering how best to communicate these values to potential Japanese customers. We also took stock of the competitive landscape of the deregulated energy market in Japan, to help Genie Energy best understand how to establish itself here.

Once Genie Energy had chosen its brand name in Japan, we created an eye-catching logo for them, which reflected the company’s unique selling propositions in Japan while also referring back to their brand identity in the United States. To accompany the logo, we provided a style guide that offered guidelines about how to use the logo for optimal visual impact. We also created taglines, positioning statements, and descriptions of Genie Energy’s brand character, vision, and values. We developed these first in English so that the client could understand them, and then created Japanese versions that could be used on the company’s website and promotional materials. Finally, we developed a series of digital and print assets for Genie Energy, from stationery and email signatures to business cards, all of which featured the logo that we had designed for them.

With Custom Media’s support, Genie Energy was able to successfully launch in this country and begin to offer electricity at highly affordable rates to Japanese consumers.